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We offer books about Geographic Information Systems(GIS) and managing spatial databases.We focus on Open Source GIS, OGC standard compliant books, Geometric and Geographic theory bools and spatial database books. No spatial database understanding would be complete without good solid database understanding. In our database section, we offer books on the fundamentals of SQL, Good database design, and specifics on using PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite. We also offer a selection of GPS devices and Accessories for the Neo-Geographer.

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Efficient Structures for Geometric Data Management (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
Amazon Price: $81.90    Lowest Used Price: $55.96 Lowest New Price: $74.58
The efficient management of geometric data, such as points, curves, or polyhedra in arbitrary dimensions, is of great importance in many complex database applications like CAD/CAM, robotics, or computer vision. To provide optimal support for geometric operations, it is crucial to choose efficient data representation schemes. The first part of this book contains a taxonomy and critical survey of common operations and representation schemes for geometric data. Then several new schemes for the efficient support of set operations (union, intersection) and search operations (point location, range search) are presented.
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