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PGCon2009: PostGIS 1.4, PostgreSQL 8.4 Spatial Analysis Queries, Building Geometries, Open Jump

We gave a lecture at PGCon 2009. Below are the links and the generated data set. Some of the examples use features in PostgreSQL 8.4 and PostGIS 1.4, but most should be applicable to earlier versions. The data generation part does use PostgreSQL 8.4 WITH RECURSIVE construct, but not in a terribly useful way.

Lots of great presentations at PGCon2009 -- the slides should be up shortly for all the presentations.

PG Con 2009 PostGIS Spatial Analysis Lecture

For display we use OpenJump. Flash Movie of OpenJump rendering the autogenerated town

Windows users: There are PostGIS 1.4 Windows binaries currently stack builder installer will be available shortly h Please note nothing has changed in the binaries between 1.4RC2 and 1.4 official except for the version number stamped on them when you look at SELECT postgis_full_version()

If you want to play with the generated data set - do the following

  1. Create a PostGIS enabled database called pgcon2009 -- preferably 1.4 version and PostgreSQL 8.4
  2. Download this file --
  3. Unzip and load the file using psql or pgAdmin III
  4. Run the following line in your pgcon2009 database from psql or pgAdmin III ALTER DATABASE pgcon2009 SET search_path=assets, public;

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